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Advisory & Assistance Services

Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) is a category of cost--as are travel, supplies, equipment purchases, and civilian pay.  A&AS is not a program; rather it is only one means of carrying out a program.  As such, A&AS estimates can change as the mix of resources for the conduct of a program shifts from one cost category to another.  By relying on the power of the market place, the Department expects to become more efficient.  The effect may be to increase A&AS with an accompanying decrease in overall program costs.  The A&AS estimates as a cost category are valid as part specific programs supported.   A&AS is defined as identifying services acquired by contract from non-governmental sources to support or improve organization policy development, decision making, management and administration; support program and/or project management and administration; provide management and support services for Research & Development (R&D) activities; provide engineering and technical support services; or improve the effectiveness of management processes or procedures.  These services may take the form of information, advice, opinions, alternatives, analyses, evaluations, recommendations, training, or technical support.  They also include interagency agreements for advisory and assistance services.  Contractor support for Automatic Data Processing and telecommunications, not defined as routine, is also reportable here, as are all support to the Program Executive Offices including systems engineering and technical support.

Advisory & Assistance Services: Services
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