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Who Is TTGI?

People First.  Customer Always. 

Our organization puts people first. We believe our team members should have the opportunity to discover how they can grow and prosper while carrying out the critical work of equipping our nation’s warfighters. We focus on five key areas of personal development:  Career, Physical, Finance, Family, and Faith.  In doing so, we continually grow our team while freeing them to focus on their customers’ needs, meeting them with continued excellence. 

What we do matters.  We deliver excellence. 

Our team members provide critical support to the warfighter. From training units to providing critical resources; from teaching leadership skills to assisting our customers in resolving the technical challenges facing critical programs, we strive to make a positive impact. The quality and magnitude of that impact is contingent upon our performing to the best of our ability and improving with each performance.

We model and live out balance.

TTGI focuses on behaviors that we know will deliver results beyond expectations.  In addition to our focus on beneficial behaviors at work, we support healthy habits away from the office. We believe a well-balanced team member brings added value to all aspects of their life, while opening the door to their full potential. 

We encourage and provide support for our team to continually improve in the five areas critical to personal fulfillment (Career, Physical, Finances, Family, and Faith).  Helping our team achieve balance is important for their overall success as well as the success of our customers. 

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